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Are there any side effects that I should know about?
Max Vigra is completely free of unwanted side effects.

Is a medical prescription required?
To order Max Vigra, a medical prescription is not required. This is possible because our product is guaranteed to act without causing any dangerous side effects and it is entirely safe even for people suffering from cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Is Max Vigra identical to every other prescription pill that is available in pharmacies?
Max Vigra is a product derived from Viagra only the formula has been improved to generate better, longer lasting results. As mentioned before, Max Vigra also does not require a prescription to be bought.The quality of the product is the same as the original pill, only the shape and package are different.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International and many others.

Is there a difference in quality between Max Vigra and prescription pills?
There is absolutely no difference in quality between Max Vigra and other established products. Max Vigra is produced in modern facilities and under strict supervision by top experts in the field of impotence remedies. All the ingredients found in the formula are also of the greatest excellence so the quality of Max Vigra is guaranteed.

When is your pharmacy open for business?
Our website is fully functional 24/7 for the entire year. That is also the case for our customer support services that are easily contacted either by phone or online. Visit the Contact Us page to find out more.

Are there any other fees that I should be aware of?
The only fees that you must pay beside the price of the product are the shipping fees.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered?
The duration of the delivery is different according to the delivery method that you select after placing your order.

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