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Why Max Vigra? Here are the benefits:

Max Vigra is the best alternative to prescription meds that claim to stop impotence. The medicine behind Max Vigra incorporates much of the initial Viagra formula, only that it has been drastically improved in order to create the best anti impotence pill. Unlike the Viagra pills, the unique active formula can even be used by men that suffer from various health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure without any risks.

A cheap alternative to Viagra, Max Vigra offers permanent and long term results depending on how committed you are to the treatment. Prescription pills found online cannot eradicate impotence completely but Max Vigra will do just that with 2 pills per day over a 6 month period. Another advantage of Max Vigra is that unlike other anti impotence pills, it also works great with alcohol. Max Vigra is widely acknowledged by doctors and consumers as the most effective stop impotence medication.

The following table shows how Max Vigra compares to prescription meds found online. Just a quick look will convince you that our product is the best anti impotence pill.

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